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    • Inflatable Airtight Material
      Inflatable materials are perfect for inflatable SUP, inflatable? boats, kayaks, rafting boats,water park,water tank and many other inflatable applications. Coated with PVC, the material is easy to weld and with good air tightness.
    • Inflatable MAT/AIR TRACK
      The double wall fabric is mainly used in outdoor leisure and sports fields such as paddle boards, gymnastics mats, yoga mats, and inflatable swimming pools, lifting cushions etc.
    • Cargo Material
      Cargo materials are applied for truck tarpaulins, side curtains, container curtains, building and storage covers etc upto 3.20m wide. With good weldablity and easy clean lacquering coating (upon request) the material is durable. Such tarpaulins are available in many different colours and could be customer-made.
    • TENT
      Tent material is ideal for protective covering applications. Upto 3.20m wide, the excellent weldability (high-frequency, hot air,etc), high tear-resistance, flame retardant (upon request) and resistance to ageing provides the material a long life time.
    • Sign Material
      PVC Flex Banner are suitable for indoor and outdoor short period or long term advertisings such as bill boards, roll-ups and large format outdoor advertisings, includes frontlit, backlit, mesh, blockout and scrimless PET items, applicable to solvent, eco-solvent, and UV inks.