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    Manufacturing strength, Haining personally explained!

    Manufacturing strength, Haining personally explained!

    Haining Textile Flexible Composites Expo, Huasheng is here!

    From November 8th to 10th, 2019, the Haining Convention and Exhibition Center grandly held the biennial China Haining Textile Flexible Composites Expo. Adhering to the principle of "world vision, international standards, and professional characteristics", this expo presents three major characteristics: First, the operation is more professional. The professional exhibition operation team is responsible for the whole process operation, the coordination of affairs is smoother, and the exhibition efficiency is higher. The second is globalization. With the help of the strong appeal of Shanghai International Printing Exhibition, it will carry out publicity and promotion around the world, and entrust professional companies to organize professional buyers in more than 20 countries. The international adhesion will be fully exerted. The third is to upgrade the exhibition. Expanded the scale of the exhibition and covered categories, improved business functions and service details, subdivided for different exhibitors and buyers, customized special services, etc., and strived to create a brand exhibition with comprehensively upgraded services.

    As a major enterprise in the field of new material manufacturing in Haining, Huasheng Technology attended this exhibition with its brushed air cushion materials, airtight materials, canopy materials and light box advertising materials. Watson's technology research and development advantages, advanced production technology level and excellent quality control capabilities are also fully presented in this expo.

    Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park is the warp knitting capital of China, and it has nurtured countless excellent warp knitting industries. As a representative enterprise of warp knitting park, Huasheng is willing to speak for Haining warp knitting park and sing the song of warp knitting together with Haining!